Cash for Gift cards

Cash for Gift Cards

We Pay up to 70% of a gift card’s balance in Cash!


PayMore is the place to sell gift cards for cash.  Bring in your unwanted gift cards to our  Massapequa location and receive cash today.


Example – Cash Payout for Gift Cards
Value of gift cardPayout
 $25 $10 Cash
 $26 to $125 50% of balance in Cash
 $126 to $350 60% of balance in Cash
 $351 to $500 70% of balance in Cash

An example of the Gift Cards we purchase – we purchase thousands of brands!
American Express Gift Cards
AMC Theater’s
Amazon Gift Cards (must not be redeemed)
Apple Retail Store Gift Cards
Applebee’s Gift cards
Babies R Us Gift Cards & Merchandise Credit
Barnes’ & Noble’s Gift Cards
Bass Pro Shops
Bloomingdale’s Gift Cards & Store Credit
Best Buy Gift Cards
BP Gas Station Gift Cards
Burger King Gift Cards
Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Cards
CVS Gift Cards
Costco Gift Cards
Chipolte Gift Cards
Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards
Dick’s Gift Cards
GULF Gas Station Gift Cards
EXPRESS Gift Cards
Hess Gas Station Gift Cards
Home Goods Gift Cards

Home Depot Gift Cards (NO merchandise credit)
Hollister Gift Cards
iHop Gift Cards
JCPenny Gift Cards
Kohl’s Gift Cards
Lowes Gift Cards
Macy’s Gift Cards
MasterCard Gift Cards
McDonald’s Gift Cards
Moe’s Gift Cards
Modell’s Gift Cards
Nike Gift Cards
Olive Garden Gift Cards
Office Max Gift Cards
Outback Steak House Gift Cards
Pottery Barn
PF Chang’s Gift Cards
Red Lobster Gift Cards
Staples Gift Cards
Starbucks Gift Cards ($100 or lower per card)
Steve Madden Gift Cards
Stop N’ Shop Gift Cards
Sears Gift Cards
Subway Gift Cards
Shell Gas Station Gift Cards
Sports Authority Gift Cards
Target Gift Cards
Tiffany & Co Gift Cards
Toys R’ Us Gift Cards & Merchandise Credit
Visa Debit Gift Cards
Visa Vanilla Gift Cards
Victoria’s Sercret Gift Cards
Walgreens Gift Cards
Walmart Gift Cards & Store Credit
Wendy’s Gift Cards*Any many many more. We buy thousands of brands. Bigger list to come soon. Please call if you have an obscure gift card,  we may still buy it!

Why Sell to PayMore?

– We have a walk-in location in Massapequa, that pays cash on the spot! We pay the highest around, in cash!
– We are professional, fair, and courteous.

– We’re fast and the process only takes a few minutes.

Gift Card Selling Rules:

– We do not purchase merchandise credit cards from certain retailers. Other major brand company’s credit we may consider.
– Certain gift cards cannot be scratched to reveal the card’s pin numbers. We may or may not purchase a gift card that has been scratched off, this is decided on a case by case basis.
– You must be 18 years or older, provide us with a valid photo state or government ID, and sign a contract guaranteeing the gift card is your property, and will remain valid.
– We reserve the right to refuse any gift card at any time, our gift card buying program as well as the payout percentages change seasonally.

Not going to use that gift card? Sell it for cash to PayMore!

*Example pricing. Cash payout rates change seasonally, based on card brand, card type, and card balance.

Call Us: 516-541-2100

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