About us

About Us

A PayMore Store is a secure and safe retail location where people go to sell their new, used, and even broken electronics for cash! We take the hassle out of getting top dollar for your electronics. No mailing your gadgets to an undisclosed location, no meeting a stranger off the internet in a dark alley.We give cold hard cash over our counter to our customers. Most of our customers are surprised when they hear that we buy broken electronics. Don’t forget, if your gadget isn’t worth anything, you can still recycle it responsibly free of charge at a PayMore Store!

How did PayMore start?

PayMore was established in 2011 on the South shore of Long Island. The concept was born when family membepaymore-staffr dropped their iPhone in the pool, and was informed by a friend that they should just “toss it, because it’s worthless now”. PayMore has a home for these “worthless water soaked gadgets”, and because of this, we’re able to pay people for them.

Who works at a PayMore Store?

PayMore staff consists of downright electronic gurus. To work at a PayMore store, you must eat, sleep, and breathe electronics. Every day the staff at a PayMore store comes into contact with hundreds of electronics, and they love each one of them, regardless of value.

Can I purchase something from PayMore ?

Yes! We have built a brand new retail show room at our Massapequa Location. We have tons of awesome electronics at discounted prices. From the original Nintendo to 60″ flat screen TVs.  For more information, click here.

What does PayMore do with the gadgets they buy?

All of PayMore’s electronics are wholesaled to vendors. Each vendor has been screened extensively before being allowed to join PayMore’s vendor network. Our top priority is making sure we can offer our customers top dollar for their gadgets, in cash, today.

Call Us: 516-541-2100

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